Are Static and Dynamic websites one and the same?

Not at all. A static website is written in plain HTML language, while a Dynamic website uses more complex codes. We are experts in creating Dynamic websites that are budget friendly and easy to maintain

Will I receive updates on the progress of my website?

Of course, you will. In fact, we will keep you updated on the developments right from day one. We can also arrange to give you updates over Skype or email, which ever you prefer

Can I avail website redesign services from Webzamana

Yes, you can. We specialize in redesigning outdated websites by giving them a complete overhaul to enhance the user experience

What do I gain by choosing Webzamana to develop my website?

With Webzamana, your project is in good hands, because we work with utmost focus and keep you updated on every aspect of the project. We also offer the most cost-effective prices .

Give me some pointers to hire a good website development company

While there are several factors that matter, you must look for experience, technical expertise, creativity, great team work, excellent communication, etc. Webzamana ticks all the boxes that make it a great choice for website development

What are the factors that decide the prime objective of building a website?

At Webzamana, our aim is to give you a responsive, SEO-friendly website.They are the two main factors that boost your search engine rankings, which is the prime objective of building a website

What is the approximate duration for website development?

The time taken for website development is determined by the client’s specifications. It can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to complete a project

What is the cost of developing a website?

It is your website requirements that determine how much money you will be shelling out. Webzamana offers you web development services that are the most reasonable and affordable. Factors like design, functionality, marketing and integration also determine the cost

What makes Webzamana the best web development company in Chennai?

A plethora of factors like creativity, teamwork, consistent communication, adaptation to latest trends and implementation of good SEO strategies make us the best web development company in Chennai